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E Cigarette Controversy May Be Political Suicide For Some Lawmakers

Public outrage at recent legislation may turn into a positive trend in American Poilitics over what politicians may percieve as insignificant.

As the battle heats up with legislation that will all but drive a spike in the backs of all American smokers, recent tax hikes push the federal “take” on cigarettes over the $2.20 per pack mark.  Politicians may be facing the minority that will cost them their jobs no matter what other positions they may have.

“We are tired of being robbed by our own government,” states Todd Durand of Tennessee. “And now they want to take our ability to have a reasonable alternative to the highly taxed and deadly cigarettes that they seem to protect at the expense of the people they pretend to protect and serve”

The internet is full of buzz over the new tobacco legislation that is hailed as the best tobacco bill to ever hit the hill, but many experts are stating that it is noting more than smoke and mirrors to protect big tobacco, the pharmaceutical companies, and special interests over the health and well being of the average American.

“They have crossed the final line” states Robert Conner of South Louisiana. “It is just not right for them to play both sides of the fence, keeping us from having a better and cheaper alternative so that they can keep the pockets of politicians and special interest padded at the expense of a certain group. My friends and I have made a pact to vote the incumbents out at every vote from here on out.”

The trend seems to be growing and may cause a windfall of fresh people and ideas in political offices across the country which most hope will change the tide of growing disregard for the will of the people across the country. Chat rooms, message boards and comment boxes on blogs across the internet are showing that this is a growing concern among smokers and non smokers alike.

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