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Undercover Team Finds Special Interest Allegations Against E-Cigarettes Fraudulent

KGW-TV in Oregon sent a team undercover to a shopping mall kiosk and discovered what everyone in the e cigarette community already knew: the products are not being marketed toward children.

“NewsChannel 8 took an undercover camera to a kiosk where a child, accompanied by her mother, listened to the sales pitch. There also is a sign that clearly reads the products are for adults 18 and up.”

In the same article, the Attorney General of Oregon states that he fears the products may be marketed to children because of the typical “they have flavors” mantra of anti-smoking-alternative groups.  That’s all they can seem to come up with when it comes to e-cigarette attack strategies; they have flavors, therefore they must be for children.  This assumes that adults don’t have tastebuds, which anyone who loves to eat fruit knows just isn’t true.  Oregon’s AG also wants Smoking Everywhere to prove that their products are safe, while doing nothing to stop the sale of products called “energy shots”, which are also readily available to children.

On this news article, the author states:

“According to the American Cancer Society, the e-cigarette has no published clinical trials that suggest it might work as a way to help smokers quit.”

The American Cancer Society is full of crap.  There have been studies performed in the UK and New Zealand by government recognized and accredited research laboratories concerning the brands of Gamucci and Ruyan, respectively.  These products are generally the same with the same typical ingredients and no known health complaints from users currently exist.  The main chemical that special interest groups initially had a problem with was the propylene glycol, but upon further inspection, propylene glycol is extremely common both as a food additive and in products meant to be absorbed by the human body, including lotions, shampoos, bath salts, and et cetera.

There are many products on the market that are not approved by the FDA, such as “energy shots” (mentioned above), “stackers”, and male enhancement products such as Extenze and Enzyte that grace late night television.  “Final Smoke” and other so-called “natural” smoking cessation aids are not governed by the FDA, either, and have been pretty much ignored completely.  The hundreds of weight loss products on the market that are not FDA approved are not pulled from the market until they have injured thousands of people, so what is the problem with giving the e-cigarette industry the same benefit of the doubt?  The FDA has done nothing to remove any of these other products from the market, despite their “health claims”.

However, it doesn’t seem that many people are falling for special interest group battle cries, since reading the comments on these news articles (at least, the few that allow comments) reveals a publc outcry concerning government and public interest stances on the products.  Smokers who have quit smoking cigarettes using the products are outraged at the threat to ban the products, many stating that they would do what they have to in order to continue being able to obtain the products online.  User testimonies flood the internet in comment boxes and forums and the war is long from over.


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