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Why You Should Try An Electronic Cigarette If You Smoke Tobacco

When you go to get your first e-cigarette make sure that you are getting the right one. There are a couple to choose from and they all do not work the same. If you are about to order one, you might want to order a starter kit. It is less expensive and if you do not like the particular brand you order, you can switch to another less expensively. Most starter kits will come with two batteries, the atomizer or flow censor and two boxes of filters. You might think that it is a little pricey at first, but it will pay for itself rather quickly. With the costs of cigarettes going up all the time, this kit will equal two cartons of the regular cigarettes you buy.

With so many of you trying to quit, cut down, or just trying to find a safer way to smoke, it is important to find something that is going to work for you without costing you a fortune. In your kit you will receive two boxes of filters and one filter will be equal to a pack of regular cigarettes. In these boxes you get five filters so this one box is equal to five packs of cigarettes. The batteries will last for months and to make your filters last longer, you can order nicotine liquid and refill them yourself. When you first start using an e-cigarette you will notice that you really do not want the tobacco cigarette because you are still getting the nicotine. The more you use it, the less cigarettes you need or want to buy.

If you happen to be a heavy smoker, using the electric cigarette even part time can cut your habit in half almost right from the start. You are getting your fix of nicotine and eliminating the thousands of chemicals and tar you get from smoking tobacco. There is no smoke as you are inhaling a water vapor and you are also sending out a vapor that evaporates quickly. You are no longer getting the taste of burned paper or glue and you are not sending out any secondhand smoke.

There is also no residue involved in smoking an electric cigarette along with no noticeable odor. These are also benefits that a smoker will appreciate about an electric cigarette. So if this smoking device is cleaner, safer, more convenient, and cheaper to use, why have you not tried it yet if you smoke?


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