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5 best E-cigarette brands

There are several different brandsofE-cigarettes but not all these brands are of the best quality. As is the case in all other industries, there are also companies that offer substandard products. The best E-cigarette brands are discussedbelow.

1.      South Beach Smoke

This is a cigarette brand that has been developed by its company which is based in the in the United States of America in Miami Beach Florida. The South Beach Smoke E-cigarette is the best brand in the market. This is because of some of the features that it has. One of these features is the classy design of the cigarettes. This ensures that they are presentable and desirable and that they are able to get the attention and the approving stares of people when used.

E-cigarette brands

These cigarettes are also very developed. This is because the cigarettehas a chip that is able to tell the cigarette the rate at which you are inhaling and therefore it can produce the amount of vapor that you will require. This cigarette is also able to signal to the user when the charge of the battery is almost over. This is because of the amount of research that is put into the product. Varieties of flavors are also available. This cigarette also has a super max battery that is able to last longer.

2.      V2 Cigs

V2 cigs are able to offer a great deal of variety when it comes to the length and style of the cigaretteand the battery. The varying length of the battery also represents a difference in the voltage that is supplies. The shorter battery is at a lower potential difference than the longer one.

This e-cigarette canhave either a manual battery or an electronic one.The manual battery requires the user to push a button so that the cigarettecan be activated. The automatic battery is activated as soon as the user draws in air. V2 also has a new line of e-liquids that are very desirable and they can allow you to refill the cartridge so that you can use the e-cigarette for longer.

This brand also has excellent customer service and the clients are able to receive the product promptly because of the partnership of the company with UPS, which is one of the largest shipping companies in the world.  The brand also has a starter kit for beginners, an economy kit to allow the client to save some money and still enjoy an ultimate kit. This means that this product can be used by a variety of users because they can be able to get the package that suits them best.

3.      Vapor 4 Life

Thise-cigarette brand is one that has an undeniable style associated with it. This is because there are several different designs that are available that can meet the specific style that the user prefers. The Vapor for life cigarette brand is also one that has a battery that has a very long life. This ensures that you do not have to charge the battery too often.

The e-cigarette is also one that has a high vapor volume. This enables the user to get a better sensation for a longer period. The product is designed in a way that ensures that there are no leakages of the fluid.This is important because the e-fluid that is used in the-cigarette can be harmful if it has contact with the skin or if it is ingested. The cigarettes can be customized to the specification of the buyer. This is achieved in several ways, either by having specific flavors or by varying the amount of nicotine that is present in the cigarette.

4.      SmokeStick

Smoke stick is a product that is verypopular because of the celebrities that use it. This however is not the only reason why many people use it. This e-cigarette is known for its high quality and the level of safety that is employed in the process of manufacturing. The product has a wide variety of specially designed products available for the user.

The package of the smoke stick is also very convenient. This is because it comes with two batteries so that as one charges, you can use the other. The package also includes an electronic cigarette carrying case and a cigarette USB car charger that would otherwise be purchased at a cost. The user is therefore able to save money when they purchase the smoke stick e-cigarette.

There are also varieties of flavors that are available with the smoke stick. Some of the new flavors are a cappuccino, vanilla, strawberry and cherry flavors. This cigarette is also safe because it does not contain tar and the other chemicals that are contained in the normal cigarettes that cause cancer.

5.      The safe cig

This brand of e-cigarettes is widely used by several people because of various reasons. One of these is that this company has invested in research for the development of its products, which has resulted in state of the art products. This has been achieved in several ways. First, the battery of the cigarette can outperform most of the other brands that are in the market. This brand of cigarette also has a micro circuit board controlled battery that adds to the sophistication of the product.

The cartridge of the electronic cigarette is also one that is highly developed and these results in the superior production of vapor and a long life for the cigarette. There is also a variety of flavors that can be obtained in the market. The company that produces this product is also one that has a well-developed website that has a lot of information about the different products that are available for sale.

Theproduct also comes with a guarantee that is highly desirable to many users. This brand is also one that has the flavor cartridges or atomizers individually wrapped for increased freshness. You canalso be able to get free shipping if you purchase this product.

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