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5 E-Cigarette Atomizer Types

There is inherent value that every vaper, beginner or experienced, should be aware of the different E-Cigarette atomizer types.  Basically, for those who are not quite aware of it, regardless if your electronic cigarettes have hollow drip tips or disposable cartridges, the atomizer is primarily responsible for the process of vaporizing the flavored e-liquid and turn it into vapor through a heating process.  Eventually, vapers will attempt to venture and experiment with their electronic cigarettes, at which point this knowledge will come in handy.

5 E-Cigarette Atomizer

Many vapers believe that the electronic cigarette industry is a relatively young one because the device was invented only in 2003 by the Chinese inventor Hon Lik.  However, the prevailing concept of having smokeless tobacco cigarettes was formulated as early as 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert who holds the patent for it issued by the United States Patent Office.

These pioneering technologies have developed and made ample use of the various benefits provided by advancement.  As a product of these advancements, the following E-Cigarette atomizer types are now available in the market.

  1. L88B Atomizers 

Among the different E-Cigarette atomizer types sold in the market today, the L88B is considered as one of the most popular among atomizers.  This was of course during the time when cartomizers were not yet prevalently in use in the electronic cigarette industry.  The L88B atomizers were considered not only the most popular but also had the more effective e-liquid delivery system.

This type of atomizer is commonly deployed together with electronic cigarettes that belong to the small category.  However, it is also compatible with electronic cigarettes that make use of the 306 and 510 types of atomizers.  Vapers who want to use drip tips that are designed for the 306 types of atomizers can also make use of the L88B atomizer as an alternative choice.

In the current electronic cigarette market, there is less usage for the L88B atomizers, except perhaps for those who venture into experimentation.  Many advanced vapers however still find extreme usage for this particular type of atomizer for their dripping and modding needs.

  1. 510 Atomizers 

When compared to almost all types of atomizers that are currently still in use in the electronic cigarette industry, the 510 atomizer remains as one of the most popular and ranks among the favorites.  Although the L88B atomizer has the raised bridge, the 510 atomizer makes use of an enclosed bridge contained within the hollow cylinder.  This means that the drip tips and the 510 cartridges will adequately fit in the atomizer instead of being over it.

The cylinder used by the 510 atomizer is capable of effectively creating a well for the e-liquid, which means that when compared to other types of electronic cigarette atomizers, this type can be more accommodating when the cartridge is accidentally overfilled.  The same goes when too much e-liquid is used for drip tip, which means the danger of damaging the device or heating element is slightly less possible.

The heating element of the 510 atomizer is slightly farther from the mouth compared to the 306 or L88B atomizers.  As a result, the vapor produced by the device will be slightly cooler and bit less intense when it reaches the vaper.  Despite being compatible with electronic cigarettes that use 306 or L88B atomizers, it can only accommodate drip tips and cartridges for the 510 design.

  1. 306 Atomizers 

This particular atomizer type at one point was used with disposable cartridges that would be paired with 306 atomizers.  Today however, the 306 atomizer design is used almost explicitly for drip tips only.  This is perhaps because this atomizer has a special bond with vapers who enjoy tinkering with their electronic cigarette device.  Among the E-Cigarette atomizer types, it is entirely possible therefore to see the 306 atomizers in virtually all resistance levels in the electronic cigarette industry.

Tinkering is usually left to more experienced vapers because they know how to do it safely and not negatively impact the device.  This is why some rely on the metal bridge on top or cover the holes at the bottom portion to ensure that the battery is protected.  There is no question that vapers who want to try dripping would truly benefit from the use of the 306 atomizers because they produce not only warm, but flavorful vapors as well.  This atomizer will only work with electronic cigarettes using L88B or 510 atomizers.

  1. 901 Atomizers 

It is understandable if beginners mistake the 901 atomizers with the 510 atomizers.  This is because from the top, both can look extremely alike.  The main difference though is that the 901 atomizer has a recessed threading.  This means that without the use of an adapter, this type of atomizer cannot be used with electronic cigarettes based on the 306, L88B, or 510 atomizers.  This atomizer type however is very compatible with the 510 drip tips.

It is also possible for vapers to use the 901 atomizers in combination with 510 cartridges even if the shape towards the bottom may slightly vary.  There is also the possibility that the bridge of the atomizer may dig into the plastic at the bottom half of the cartridge.  The shape of 510 cartridges are normally round, while the cartridges intended for the 901 atomizers commonly make use of whistle tips.

  1. 801 Atomizers 

This type of atomizer is characterized by its extremely long barrel compared to other electronic cigarette atomizers.  The 801 atomizers feature a bridge and a threading that are both recessed for majority of those released in the market.  This type of atomizer is not compatible with the 901 atomizers primarily because of the differences in the threading and cartridges.

Vapers who want to experience dripping should be aware that the 801 atomizers are compatible with the 510 drip tips.  Unfortunately, among the various E-Cigarette atomizer types, the 801 is considered extremely rare.  There was a time when this type of atomizer was the favorite of vapers who preferred long-shaped electronic cigarettes.  Since 2010 however, there has been fewer demands for this particular type of electronic cigarette atomizer.

First time users or relatively new vapers may find some of the information overwhelming.  However, if vapers want to truly maximize their vaping experience, they need to be aware of the E-Cigarette atomizer types.

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