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A Look at the Best Electric Cigarettes

With increased focus onhealth issues, smoking has become one area of concern. Thus the best electric cigarettes have become popular as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They satisfy the desire for nicotine, but without all the unhealthy carbons, chemicals, and carcinogens that the tobacco version has. They may have health risks of their own, as opponents claim, but the avoidance of the extra dangers of conventional smoking is a plus in favor of the best electric cigarettes.

Best Electric Cigarettes 

These cigarettes get the name electric from the way they operate. When the user puffs on the electric cigarette, a battery heats an atomizer, or cartomizer, to a temperature that turns water into vapor, producing what looks like smoke, but without the ash and odor associated with conventional smoking. The battery either is automatic or manual. Automatic turns on with each puff, automatically, without pushing any buttons. With the manual, there is a button the user pushes before puffing.

These best electric cigarettes are simple to use. They have either two or three parts, depending on the model. The three part models have an atomizer, a flavor cartridge, and a battery that heats the water to vapor. Sometimes the cartridge and atomizer are combined into a cartomizer. This makes assembly easier and quicker. Some like the dual unit because they have a new atomizer with each cartridge change. Others like to have the atomizer and cartridge separate, so that they can change flavors frequently, as desired.

For any brand of the best electric cigarettes, starter kits are the way to go. Starter kits vary by price and brand, but each does include basic necessities. The number of each component, as well as the quality of each, is part of what determines the price for each. The minimum basics include:

  • Atomizer or cartomizer, depending on brand and choice
  • Cartridge in a variety of flavors, again depending on brand
  • Battery
  • Charger (at least one is required)
  • Carry case (luxury dictated by price)
  • Manual 

Though different brands have different features, flavors, prices, and accessories that set them apart, three of the best electric cigarettes are V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and SmokeStik. Though their kits vary in content and price, they are pretty comparable in price and quality. Though selections in starter kits vary as to quantity of content, and sampler or minimum starter options, they are each one of the top brands so far as quality and expense are concerned.

V2 Cigs 

V2 Cigs may well be the top of the best electric cigarettes because of the contents of its starter kits, its quality, and its price range. Its mid-range kit, comparable in price to the other two being considered, includes ten cartridges, instead of the three and six that are in the other kits. Each cartridge equates to one pack of traditional cigarettes.

This kit also includes two batteries, one manual and one automatic, thus allowing the user to try both methods, and can choose whichever method they want for the situation. With this kit, the user has a chance to try different flavors and different methods, giving them a chance to determine which they prefer without having to invest extra money to try all the features. Once they find out which features they like, they can order refills of that particular component. Contents of this kit are:

  • Ten cartridges
  • Two batteries, one manual and one automatic
  • Wall adapter and charger
  • User manual 

South Beach Smoke 

The South Beach Smokeelectronic cigarette is one model that has a three-part construction. It has the cartridge and atomizer separately. The user twists them together, and then attaches both of them to a battery. Some prefer this method, while others prefer the two-part model. The kits for this brand start at $29.95.  They have several price options, the most expensive being $189.95. The mid-range kit is $74.95, which compares to the mid-range kit of other brands. Their kit at this price includes:

  • One battery
  • One atomizer
  • Three chargers – USB unit with wall and car adapters
  • Carry case
  • Six assorted cartridges 


The third of the best electric cigarettes is SmokeStik. It is the one for serious users. It has none of the flavors that many have, such as coconut and strawberry. They have only three flavors, and each is reminiscent of traditional tobacco flavors. They have only high, medium, and menthol flavors, equating to standard, light, and menthol in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Users say they enjoy the strong “throat hit” that is available with this brand.

For the person wishing to get the flavor of smoking, but without the carbons and added chemicals that have been proven to be so damaging to health, this brand may well be what helps them do that. The flavor is there, but without the dangers. They may be able to give up the more dangerous tobacco cigarette and enjoy the flavor without as many health risks.

Though opponents claim the risks of nicotine, it is acknowledged that even though nicotine has its own health hazards, it is better alone that with all the added chemicals in regular cigarettes. There is no ash, smoke, or odor. This makes them much more acceptable to friends and family who may not choose to smoke, and may be offended by the second-hand smoke of regular cigarettes.

This brand’s kits compare in cost to the mid-range cost of other brands, though the contents vary a little. Even with the different contents, their kit is of comparable value. This kit, priced at $74.95, includes the following:

  • Two batteries
  • One each of 3 different types of chargers
  • Three cartomizers (high, medium, and menthol)
  • A carry case and a keepsake box
  • Manual 

Again, what sets this brand apart and makes them one of the best electric cigarettes is their serious approach to vaping. They give a strong throat hit similar to that experienced with traditional cigarettes. However, they don’t have the carbons and other dangerous chemicals of traditional cigarettes, nor do they have the ash, smoke, and odor. This makes them a good alternative choice.

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