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Are E-Cigarettes Becoming a Victim of Friendly Fire or Vicious Assault From Special Interest Groups?

E-cigarettes came under criticism on The Today Show recently, but with prominent politicians and one of the Pharma 40 on the board of directors, is the heart of the American Legacy Foundation really in the right place?

GAINESVILLE, Fla., May 16 /PRNewswire/ — While e cigarettes have no known carcinogens and offer the benefit of no secondhand or sidestream smoke, some say that the products have been falling victim to friendly fire in the media. While the e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers believe they are on the same side of health organizations who want people to stop using tobacco, some anti-smoking campaigns are hostile to the idea.

Cheryl Healton, President and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation, is concerned that the product could be used to slow down the quitting process.

The American Legacy Foundation states on its website:

“We have seen no studies regarding whether e-cigarettes actually help smokers quit or, instead, delay cessation attempts by providing smokers with a way to continue their smoking behaviors when they cannot smoke a tobacco product.”

With four prominent politicians on the board of directors, ranging from state attorney generals to senators and one who was named to World Pharmaceutical Frontiers’ first “Pharma 40? list, it could easily be understood how this could be more of a political agenda than in the best interests of smokers and the public of the United States.

Even amid all of this, e-cigarettes are still rolling out to the public. Demand seems to be growing by the day, no matter what type of negative campaign comes along, suggesting that the public seems to be making up their own minds on the matter. After a recent spot on The Today Show concerning e-cigarettes, sales skyrocketed.

“Our sales shot up 100%,” says Kyle Newton of EcigarettesChoice.com. “We’re working harder every day to keep up with growing demand… people are elated that we’re able to offer these products. I lost my mom to tobacco-related lung cancer, so this is an extremely personal issue for me… I wish they had been available for her.”

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