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Best E Juice -A Review

Are you searching the best e juice that will add the ‘extra’ factor to your e smoking? I am not going personal in this review, but I would assess three top brands (V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, and Volcano E Cig) to find out the best e juice for smoking. Read through the page to know about these top brands of e cigs that are capturing the market providing a wide range of e juices to the users.

Best E Juice

Best E Juice – V2 Cigs e juice

V2 Cigs, one of the top most brands in the market, has introduced their own set of e liquids. V2 has been one of the favorite brands amongst cigarette smokers. And a major part of their success depends on their amazing range of e liquids. E juices of V2 are for everyone. Whether an avid smoker (who cannot pick up anything other than tobacco flavors) to a beginner (who wants to try and experience different varieties).

Available in different flavors like cola, peppermint, cherry, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, in addition to tobacco, V2 E juices are the choices of all e cig users. The interesting part is that each flavor of     V2 Cigs has its own specialty, and this is what sets apart the e juices of V2 from the crowd of other e liquids.

Sometime back, V2 announced V2 Platinum e liquids, which made its fans, go crazy who then actually signed up & ordered in advance. The e liquids being introduced by V2 are based on a very different idea than the other brands you would find in the market. They are packed in a silver container, which a very sleek silver container, which has a tool for pipette dropper, now I think this, is what we were waiting for since the time e cigarettes were introduced. This whole thing makes your life easier to refill without any mess.

Price: V2 has always been known for their pricing which is being put up very nicely. A bottle of 10 ML would cost you only $9.95, which is not at all a bad price!

Nicotine Strengths: V2 e liquids are available in different strengths and hence you can pick up the one you like most.

Best E Juice – Smokeless Image E Liquids 

Here is another popular brand, which has made e liquids available. Let us see what they offer to the users. Smokeless Image does offer a good range of e juices that include varieties of flavors like tobacco, coffee, cherry, chocolate, and grape. If you ask my choice, I would say that I like 555 (of course, when I do not want strong tobacco taste). And I also tried Cappuccino, and Classic Grape.

However, one of my friends ordered a 30 ML bottle of Country as he was satisfied with this ‘American tobacco blend’ flavor. Overall, I would say Smokeless Images has a good customer base of e juices. The e liquids being offered by Smokeless image are of fine quality (the quality being offered by V2 e liquids is a bit better. However, still Smokeless Image is a brand name and has a good image in the market.) 

Best E Juice – Volcano E Liquid 

This is yet another one that is trying to capture this market at its own pace. And it deserves praise for its varieties of e juices. With different types of flavors Volcano seems powerful to satisfy nearly all types of smokers who shop at the store of Volcano e cigs.

A positive factor that contributes to the success of Volcano e liquids is that their quality adheres to the FDA code strictly. The point that draws the fine line among Volcano as well as other brands e liquids is that they cater to both tank savvy masters as well as to the real beginners. This variety is not common in this market (where most of the players offer either 2 pieces minis of kr808d or the 3 piece heavy battery of 510 e cigs.) 

Best E Juice – a short comparison of the three brands – V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, and Volcano E Cig

It is not an easy task to compare the three brands to conclude about the best e juice. But still to find out the best e juice I attempt here to figure out the points sharply that will finally vote for the brand offer the finest and best e juices.

Price factor

Price is the dominating factor of any product and the same goes for judging the brand offering e juices. And I find V2 Cigs e juices to be the most affordable for all types of users (the beginners and the regular smokers). You can get a 10 ML of Platinum e juice at $9.95 only. Also, v2 regularly offers different saving schemes like V2 discount coupons, promotional codes, etc. and hence you can get a bottle of e juice at an incredibly lesser price. On the other hand a bottle of Smokeless Image and Volcano e Cig e juice will cost a minimum of $13.95 and $12.99 respectively.

Batch testing: This is the additional and ‘X’ factor of V2 Cigs that helps the brand to prove its superiority over the other brands. No other brands offer this facility. Before buying a bottle of e juice from V2 Cigs you can ensure that you are picking up the right bottle by using this batch testing feature. You will be provided with the results within a few seconds. And that is what something awesome! 

Best E Juice – Conclusion

I would say that V2 Cigs can be termed as the brand offering the best e juice to its users. However, this concluding opinion does not mean that the other two brands discussed here are bad or their e juices are not upto the mark. But considering all the factors, I find the best e juice is offered by V2 Cigs.

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