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Cigarettes Without Nicotine?

Cigarettes without nicotine can be hard for a smoker to accept. Such is the case with e-cigarettes, which are advertised not to contain many of the things that make regular cigarettes harmful, one of them being nicotine. Smokers who plan to integrate an electronic cigarette into their oral habits might shun them for this very reason, but the good news is that they can actually contain amounts of nicotine in them.


Nicotine may very well be the reason why smokers continue to consume cigarette after cigarette each and every day. They contain more than just something that will kill you over time, so smokers who have a hard time kicking the habit might find the e-cigarette to be a bit of use. Not only do they contain the nicotine you need to function properly, but they can also serve as a healthy alternative for days when you’re caught indoors for too long.

Why Nicotine?

People all have reasons for picking up a pack of cigarettes. Whether it’s because of stress, the taste of tobacco, or even just because it looks cool, what probably makes them stay on the habit is the nicotine. There are plenty of “whys” to why a person starts, but the fact is that nicotine addiction kicks in sooner or later for most.

The reason behind the addiction is the stimulating properties it contains. When a person smokes a cigarette, blood that has been enriched by the nicotine puff takes only seconds to circulate. Within seconds, nicotine in the lungs gets circulated into the brain, and activates many different stimulating chemicals within the body.

Like plenty of other stimulants, feelings of relaxation are part of the package. Much of the released hormones caused in the cigarette smoking process contribute to nicotine‘s overall relaxing effect, and can be controlled by smokers to a certain extent: long puffs for relaxation, and quick, short puffs for stimulation.

It goes without saying that the euphoric effects of nicotine can cause addiction in smokers. You’ve probably heard that excessive smoking can cause lung cancer, and even death in cases, but the negative effects can go even further than this. Feelings of anxiety, depression, and addictive tendencies can all worsen an already-unhealthy state of mind.

Luckily, plenty of the other detrimental effects to health that cigarettes are often blamed for can be traced to other places. Nicotine, while it is bad in excess, is not regarded as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. However, nicotine should be used in moderation regardless, even if you plan on smacking nicotine gum or donning a nicotine patch for the rest of your days.

Nicotine and E-Cigarettes

The dangerous effects of nicotine, and many other harmful elements of cigarettes, can be avoided when you decide to use an e-cigarette instead. Since the smoke of an e-cigarette is mostly water vapor anyway, you’ll be getting around plenty of what makes a cigarette so infamous. Let’s look at the other elements of cigarettes that can be hazardous to you:

  • Carcinogens – Any kind of burnt material will contain carcinogens, which are essentially cancer-causing chemicals in layman’s terms. Components of these carcinogens such as tar can lead to increased cell death in your lungs and many other parts of your body. The cells that survive the onslaught can survive and become cancer cells.
  • Second-hand smoke – Otherwise known as sidestream smoke, second-hand smoke is another common enemy to health. This is because the smoke you exhale is at a much lower temperature than the smoke you inhale, and temperature changes can cause harmful cell mutations inside the smoke.

With an e-cigarette, you can enjoy many of the perks of smoking a real cigarette, only without these potentially harmful carcinogens entering you or anybody else’s body. Granted, it’s certainly no replacement for the real thing, but it can serve you well when your cravings get the best of you in places where cigarettes are inappropriate.

When you do get those cravings, you might also be concerned about how bad smoking is for your health. Addiction can make it hard for you to drop smoking because of the well-known health hazards, but you don’t have to go cold turkey to keep an oral fixation going. Electronic cigarettes can, again, give you that puff, only without the fluff.

If you still want a little fluff, then your temporary cigarette substitute can still have it. While there are plenty of electronic cigarettes without nicotine, you can select just how much of it you want per cartridge. Studies have shown that nicotine is not harmful on it’s own, after all; just be sure you’re not going through cartridge after cartridge every time.

You won’t have to worry about bothering other people with your second hand smoke, either. Not only is sidestream smoke bad for the people around you; it just smells plain awful. Give them a whiff of something fragrant, like the many flavors your e-cigarette cartridges come in. Maybe it will cure your bad breath, at the very least!

It’s certainly possible to get a bit of shelter from the many harmful effects of cigarettes every once in a while with electronic cigarettes. Having a cigarette without nicotine every once in a while might even lead to you kicking the habit for good, but if not, at least you’ll be able to have a stick more often without worrying.

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