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Comparing the Electric Cigarettes to Smoking

The good thing about the Electric Cigarettes is that they are environmental friendly and cause no harm to the body. This is the reason that in the today’s world most of the people are now switching to these cigarettes instead of the traditional ones. Though both seem similar, but they gave got difference in their effects.

Electric Cigarettes

Electric Cigarettes Taste Differently

The fact is that the Electric Cigarettes are a sort of particular device; hence they work on certain principles. That means they are not the kind of casual smoking we mostly do. You get a different taste and feeling from the usage of these cigarettes. These are unlike the typical ones that cause burning effects in the body. You would notice that the vapors that are produced when using the Electric Cigarettes are not harsh to damage the lungs surface. They possess tobacco flavor that makes them similar to the typical cigarette. You feel a soothing sensation when smoking through the electronic ones.

Electric Cigarettes Contain Lithium Ion bBttery

If you notice the vapors of coming out of these cigarettes, you would see thick bulky clouds that appear similar to the smoke coming out from the cigarettes. The difference lies in the smell that has a slight effect of the nicotine flavor with in it. The good thing about this technique is that this faint smell is usually not noticed by the people around you, hence they don’t get teased or disturbed as in case of the typical cigarettes. Furthermore the Electric Cigarettes use a lithium ion battery that is connected to the atomizer. This has the function to convert the chemicals of the tobacco in to sweet smelling vapors that can be inhaled. This means you no more need to carry the combustible lighter with you all the times.

Different Design Patterns of the Electric Cigarettes

Moreover the Electric Cigarettes also differ in the style of their design patterns. You would have noticed that these cigarettes can be in 2 piece or 3 piece forms. The 2 piece form is the one that is also named as Delux electronic cigarette, while the 3 piece form is called Gas rebate certificate. These two have got difference in the type of cartridges provided. That means in the case of the 2 piece the cartridges work for a very long time. Hence you don’t need to change the atomizer because the fresh atomizer is already present in each cartridge. The cartridges last approximately equaling to the time required for the 1.5 packs of the traditional cigarettes to end.

Cartridge Flavors in Electric Cigarettes

If you try the south beach smoke cartridges you would notice that they are available in 5 different flavors. Moreover you need to choose nicotine from 4 different options amongst which there is also option available for the no nicotine convenience. If you are purchasing them from the south beach smoke website you can avail the opportunity of having discounts for each of the cartridges. They also offer you guarantee in buying Electric Cigarettes for 30- day money back that lets you decide whether to go for it or not.

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