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E Cigarette Comments Being Censored By About.com?

As the battle for public support to ban e cigarettes by the U.S. Governments FDA, there are certain high profile websites trying to stop the positive comments about these new contraptions. As more and more reports came in about censorship on the website About.com concerning a negative article with questionable wording and opinion on about.com , SS Choice, an online retailer of the new e cigarette began to investigate to see if they were in fact censoring the comments to keep any pro e cigarette comments off of the comments board.

After several attempts at posting well informed comments on different computers with different contact info and waiting over 4 days, these comments never made it into the comments section where the only accepted comment was one that stated that it was agreed that the writer Terry Martin was neutral and not at all biased.

This would not be bad if the information was unbiased and accurate that she was spewing out. She cherry picked information from the provided links and never stated the positives about them, like the link to the WHO site that also stated “WHO does not discount the possibility that the electronic cigarette could be useful as a smoking cessation aid. The only way to know is to test.”

Doing an unbiased review and commentary on a product shows the positive and negative, not a one sided review like Terry Martine produced, and then stopping the other side from being exposed to the public. This amounts to nothing more than propaganda in it’s purest form and Terry Martin and About.com should be ashamed of herself for trying to away public opinion in this fashion when it could potentially affect the health of millions of people who are looking for real answers.

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