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E-Cigarettes-”It is illegal to sell or market them, and the FDA is looking into this,”

Rita Chappelle, an agency spokeswoman for the FDA made that statement along with other statements without legal justification. I would personally like to see the law that states that they are illegal to sell or market. With such shallow and open statements about the laws that are supposed to allow them to govern the use of nicotine.

Since when is our government or it’s agencies allowed to make up laws as they go at the whim of a few people or big corporate lobbyist? There are now bills in different levels that are written and supported by Philip Morris that would make laws that would put the FDA instead of the ATF in charge of the health and safety area of the controversy.

What this new bill proposes is that the levels of nicotine should be regulated and that the FDA should be at the helm dictating and enforcing these proposed new rules. So, my question is why is Phillip Morris trying to write new legislation concerning nicotine and switching who oversees it?

Could it be a move to preserve their market share and save their company from ultimate doom with the new e cigarette craze that is sweeping the nation? Also, if the FDA claims that they are illegal to sell or market, they why did Rita state that the FDA was “looking into this” instead of shutting down the e cigarette companies?

If you read the text of the article or press release, it is clearly a stab at the e cigarette market because thousands have already quit, or cut back greatly. Could this be why Philip Morris and the Government are running an association attack campaign against e cigarette makers, marketers, users and their supporters?

Over the last 9 years, the government and big business both have ran campaigns that were not in the peoples interest to forward their agendas at an accelerated rate. If you questioned anything the Government stated, you were labeled as a terrorist, un-patriotic, a troop hater and even a communist.

The population caved in and did not want to be recognized as associated with these labels, so the agendas went forward without and public backlash. This is what put us in 2 wars without any evidence to support it, In fact, it was fake information that was used to do this, just as the FDA and tobacco lobbyist are doing right now with e cigarettes.

They also state that “U.S. Food and Drug Administration now seems poised to pull e-cigs from the market because the agency considers them “new drugs.” Which brings up a new question, what constitutes a “New Drug” and who decides? Since all of the ingredients are on the FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list, other than nicotine, what makes it a new drug?

They are using statements like “There is no evidence to support that the e cigarette is safe”, but since you can buy nicotine over the counter in gums and patches without age restrictions, what would cause it to be a “new drug”?

Watch Sanjay Gupta’s take on e-cigarette below as he states that nicotine has never been inhaled before when they have nicotine inhalers on the market and regular tobacco cigarettes is a “device” to administer and put nicotine directly into the lungs. It is time to sign the petition and stop this insanity before it gets into more of the American Peoples business when they have no legal justification or right to.

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