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Ego Tank – A Large Scale integration product

Essential components of electronic cigarettes

Life is a discovery, nothing was planned and everything we hit upon became the part of our life and history. Innovation has always been a part of our evolution. E cigarettes or Ego Tank is also an innovation!

Ego Tank

The concept is new and there are many apprehensions about e cigarettes, since it has its genesis in China. The manufacturers of the e cigarettes do full testing and acquire a certificate before launching a new product. There are continuous research going on to establish how healthy is vapeing and does it really contribute in quitting smoke. The most recent discovery is Ego tank, which has a tank for storing nicotine rather than a cartridge.

What you need to know about the e cig components and the Ego Tank

E cigarettes are still evolving and many new discoveries happen on a daily basis. As manufacturers are developing everyday so it is very important to know the various components which make an e cig and why it is a part of the electronic cigarette.

Usually, an e cig has three components. The first is a Cartridge, then Atomizer and the third is Battery for power supply. The cartridge is the mouthpiece and is the storage place of nicotine. Ego Tank which is the latest design in a cigarette, stores the e juice in the tank instead of the cartridge which is attached to the atomizer. It can use battery of the other Ego products.

The atomizer is that component of an electronic cigarette which aids in vaporizing the e liquid. It helps in drawing the pleasure of tobacco cigarette. It has to be changed periodically for reasons of hygiene. Cartomizers are disposable atomizers. It cannot be refilled and reused. The atomizers which are changed are termed as Cartomizers. The 2 piece kits do not have a seperate atomizer but it is built in with a nicotine cartridge called a cartomizer.

The third and the most important is we need batteries to charge our e cigs. There is no use of lighter; we only need a set of batteries to get going. These are the rechargeable batteries whose consumption is subject to usage. Generally it is changed in 6 to 12 weeks. Some e cigs have a USB chord to get charged through the computer, but it can be used only when you are near a computer.

What would be the Cost differentiation – e cigs and Ego tank?

There is a cost differentiation in the electronic cigarette due to the components and the technology used. The better the higher! The size of the e cigarettes varies due to the varying size of the battery. The product heaviness is also determined by the kind of battery used. It is interesting to note that all the batteries of Ego designs can be used with Ego Tank. Yes it is true; mostly batteries of the same brand and design are interchangeable. So if you have an Ego electronic cigarette, you can upgrade it with Ego Tank.

If you are well versed with the starter kit, then you can upgrade it with the new product in the block Ego Tank or check out some other designs.

Some more clarifications on the components of the all new Ego Tank

E cigarettes are a comparatively very new concept to the world, so there are many terms which we are still not sure of and how important the component is to the e cigs. Just now we were talking about how the e juice is stored in tanks of an Ego Tank. What is e juice or e liquid?

The e juice is probably the reason why an avid tobacco smoker gets addicted to e cigarettes. The e juice is the flavored liquid with water and glycol or glycerin as base. Other than these two, a flavoring agent is added to make it different and give new experience to the vaper. The flavor ranges from regular tobacco and methanol to coffee, cocoa or strawberry. You can take your pick, but it is advisable to keep a couple of spare atomizers so that you do not mix one taste with the other. You can have a new feeling with each puff. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating. You can store this juice in Ego Tank and keep refilling it.

If your e cig is not disposable, then do remember it requires periodical cleaning. You cannot keep using it lifelong. For better result you must clean it, especially the atomizer which generates heat and vaporizes the liquid.

The more you know about your e cig the better. It is a myth that it gets very hot to handle, on the contrary it is not at all hot and is not even harsh on your throat like the tobacco cigarette. In addition the varying flavor adds to the taste of the e cigarettes.

Difference between e cigs and tobacco cigarettes

There is a difference in smoking your regular tobacco cigarette and Ego Tank. The amount of vapor depends on the heating of the atomizer. It is a gradual process and you should not take big puffs in the first go, start with smaller ones. It is not difficult and you will learn the process as you learnt your smoking; rather it is better than your old smoking as it is healthier.

You can control the amount of nicotine in your juice and try to wean off the habit of smoking. But you can still derive the pleasure of smoking through flavored juice which is without nicotine.

There are different colors and designs available for Ego Tank and e cigarettes, so choose your style and design. You can learn more about the e cigarettes and Ego Tank through internet. Detailed information on the product can be obtained from the official site of the product. The e cigarettes are easily available on the web stores and you can get delivery of Ego Tank anywhere in the world. Everything is online and has ease of access.

So if you want to quit your hazardous habit to tobacco inhalation, then you can get your starter kit of e cigarettes from online stores. It is very convenient you can also order for trial as some quality e cigs manufacturers also offer trial pack.

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