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Electronic cigarettes come in several pieces; the most popular models offer 2- piece electronic cigarettes, where the cartomizers combines the cartridge and an atomizer. The cartridges can be purchased prefilled or as blanks. 2- Piece electronic cigarettes are preferred due to their ability of overcoming the challenges extended by 3- piece electronic cigarettes (which come with an atomizer, cartridge and battery). Although the cartridge on 3 piece brands last about half a packet of regular cigarettes, the vapor is usually non- consistent. In addition, users find it difficult to add the e- cigarette liquid. Moreover, users often get liquid in the mouth or on the hands as they seek to change the cartridge. Furthermore, after using 50 cartridges, the user is expected to buy replacement atomizers, or otherwise find ways of cleaning them.


The 2- Piece electronic cigarette

You can reuse prefilled cartridges with liquid, purchased separately. This means that cartridges can be reused several times, however they require periodic cleaning. By using tweezers, remove carefully the filler material, run it through warm water until the filler turns brightly white. In the event that the filler material does not exhibit bright white, you may need to purchase another filler material to replace the old one. There are several suggestions advising on how to go about replacing the filler material. It is therefore advisable to investigate the suggestion. The materials used by different manufacturers vary there is therefore no definitive answer.

The life of a cartridge varies with the model. Super mini electronic cigarettes feature a small cartridge, that last an equivalent of 2- 4 traditional cigarettes. Mini sized electronic cigarettes will often last roughly an equivalent of 3- 6 cigarettes. On the other hand, pipe, cigar and pen style cartridges will often last an equivalent of about 10 cigarette puffs.

The Smoke Stik Hendu model is durable and suitable for every occasion including a black tie event. This advanced technology offers the user an excellent smoking experience. The cartomizers technology has the capacity of eliminating fluid leaks in order to deliver clean puffs. The Smoke Stik Hendu combines the cartridge and an atomizer, making it a two- piece electronic cigarette. The cartridge can last one and a half packs of regular cigarettes, which offers a substantial saving in the long term. With the Smoke Stik Hendu, the atomizer in the cartridge is intended to last long enough in order to vape liquids. The chance of getting liquid in the mouth or hands is reduced by 75%, while allowing users to experience a consistent vape- with more vapor.

The Smoke Stik Hendu offers the pre- filled and refillable cartridges with an option for nicotine. The pre- filled cartridges offer either the menthol or the tobacco flavor. In addition, you get to choose between the non- nicotine, low, medium and high. It is therefore necessary to select your product carefully while buying the cartridges. The cartomizers refills, include:

  1. Non- Nicotine Tobacco (0mg)
  2. Medium Nicotine Tobacco (12mg)
  3. Medium Nicotine Menthol (12mg)
  4. Low Nicotine Tobacco (6mg)

High Nicotine Tobacco (16mg)

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