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Finding the Winner for V2 Cigs Vs NJoy Battle

V2 cigs as well as Njoy are two popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market. We will analyze the performance of both the brands on the basis of a series of different parameters to adjudge the winner in the V2 Cigs Vs Njoy debate.

The Decisive Parameters for V2 Cigs Vs NJoy

A list of different parameters has been used to compare and contrast the performance of these two brands of e cigarettes.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy- Quality of Vape

Both the brands are known for producing good vape. None of the brand has compromised with the vape quality as smokers have been impressed with both the quantity of vape that is generated as well as the quality. The throat hit provided by both brands is commendable as well. However, V2 is a notch ahead as far as vape quality is concerned. They produce one of the thickest and the most intense vape and can thus be termed to be a better choice.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy- The Factor of Price

After you have settled the quality issue, you need to weigh the price factor as it plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of V2 cigs Vs NJoy discussion. Despite the fact that V2 e cigs are known for their superior quality, it is NJoy that is costlier as compared to V2 e cigs. Hence, things do not seem to be in favor of NJoy e cigs at the moment. There is a lot of difference between the prices of these two e cigs and thus people who are looking to buy quality e cigs at lower prices are likely to vote in favor of V2 e cigs rather than hunt for NJoy cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy – Life Time Warranty

V2 e cigs provide the facility of life time warranty. This feature is absent in the case of NJoy e cigs and thus if you are one of those smokers who tends to stress a lot on the warranty issue, you are not going to be satisfied with NJoy e cigs. Warranty helps in increasing the reliability and credibility of the brand because smokers can be sure of the fact that they can get support from the brand if their e cigs fail to function properly. Hence, having a life time warranty option is sure to bring a lot more smokers to V2 e cigs.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy Variety of Flavors

Everyone loves to have a lot of different options to work with. There are various different flavors of cartomizers that are available in the market. Not all brands gives the options of varying flavors, but as far as V2 e cigs is concerned, you would have a lot of different options to work with. They have a wide assortment of different flavors and thus you would have various options to pick from.

As far as NJoy e cigs are concerned, there are merely two choices of flavors and thus if smokers believe in the age old adage of “variety is the spice of life”, they are certainly going to eliminate NJoy e cigs from the reckoning when deciding the winner in V2 cigs Vs NJoy battle. Thus, while NJoy has provision for merely a couple of flavors, V2 e cigs provide as many as ten distinct flavors.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy- Ease of Customization

It is great to have a lot of flavors of cartomizers, but an even better option which most people are likely to look for is the privilege to customize the flavor choice. Some people may have some special liking for a certain cartomizer and thus the option of customizing the cartridge flavors is surely going to influence the buying decision significantly. Yet again, V2 e cigs knew how to land the right blow as they have given this option to their smokers. However, NJoy e cigs manages to fail yet again because there is no such option for smokers who are willing to take a puff from e cigs of this brand.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy- Sundries Facilities

There are a few other facilities which most smokers look forward to. These include a live customer service chat facility in the official site of the brands. Customers may have some doubts regarding the different product and thus, they would wish to talk to an executive before purchasing the electronic cigarette. Apart from this, a customer forum is highly recommended as well. Smokers can communicate with each other and pass their opinion or post queries regarding the specific brand of e cigarette at such forums. While V2 cigs managed to understand the importance of these features, NJoy cigs fail to provide either of these two features. Thus, smokers who fuss a lot about these facilities are sure to pick up V2 rather than NJoy while buying electronic cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Vs Njoy- Exclusive Feature

V2 cigs provide an exclusive feature for its smokers. It carries out batch testing of all its products and makes the results available for public as well. Thus, smokers can be clear about the components of the product and the safety of these components as well. NJoy cigs do not have any such batch testing provision. Thus, the extra level of transparency provided by V2 e cigs brings forth a lot of customers as smokers are much more comfortable in trusting this brand.

Thus, it is time to give a final verdict regarding what is the right choice. However, the points have more or less made clear as to who shall emerge as the winner in this battle of two brands.

The Verdict for V2 Cigs Vs Njoy

Thus, it is clear that V2 cigs are a better brand. They enjoy a lot of popularity and have often been voted as the best brand by a lot of smokers. They have a mix of a lot of different beneficial features and thus, NJoy cigarettes despite providing good quality of e cigs lose the battle of V2 Cigs Vs Njoy as V2 are better in all parameters that govern the discussion

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