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Smoke Tip electronic cigarettes

Smoke Tip electronic cigarette claims to offer the most advanced smokeless cigarette in the market today. Each of their cartridges allows the average smoker up to 250 puffs which is an equivalent of one and a half packs of regular cigarettes. Their starter kit is available at low prices therefore a great alternative for smokers switching from regular tobacco cigarettes. They are much cheaper that traditional cigarettes enabling you to save money.

electronic cigarettes

Just like other leading electronic cigarettes in the market, Smoke Tip e-cigs come with the two piece design that combines the cartridge and battery. They offer their very own Eazy-drag system that includes a cutting edge atomizer that allows better air flow leading to an effortless and easier puff of the smokeless cigarette. The two piece design e-cig requires no refill of the cartridge. The cartridges are disposable and once depleted, smokers only have to buy a new and fresh one, screw it to the battery and continue enjoying the smoking experience without going through the hassles and mess of refilling their own cartridges.

Their lithium ion rechargeable battery collection comes in different colors and sizes. There is a white battery with an orange LED light, a black battery with a blue LED light and chrome battery with a blue LED light. There is a longer battery with double the power storage capacity ideal for those on the move or for heavier smokers.

Starter kit

Smoke Tip starter kit selling at $59.95: the kit includes two lithium ion rechargeable batteries, one wall charger, one USB charger, 6 nicotine flavor cartridges, a user manual and Gift box packaging


There are 13 different flavors offered by the electronic cigarette company. They include: regular tobacco, apple, cherry, vanilla, grape, coffee, menthol, chocolate, cowboy or Marlboro, peach, almond, clove and strawberry. Each flavored cartridge comes with a corresponding color making the electronic cigarette look and feel more stylish. The smokeless cigarette brand offers variety packs with the 10 most popular flavors. These packs are the best for those who would love to test the various flavors on offer. Four nicotine levels are on offer: 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg. Buy three or more cartridges and get discounts.


  • Carrying case selling at $10.50
  • Travel charging case selling at $18.95
  • Smoke Tip Lanyard selling at $8.95
  • USB charger selling at $16.95
  • USB  passthrough selling at $19.95. This allows you to smoke without a battery
  • Car charger selling at $18.95
  • Wall charger selling at $12.95
  • USB+wall charger kit selling at $27.95

Smoke Tip electronic cigarette brand provides fast and free shipping services for all its products. They also provide 100% lifetime warranty on all their products and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Their customer services are reliable and efficient to cater for all customer needs. Their user friendly site makes reordering of accessories easy and simple. The price is amazing especially when you factor in the extra services offered by the brand. This is a great product especially for those who don’t want to a lot of money.

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