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Polyps: Types, causes and symptoms Polyps basically mean an extra growth of cells in various parts of the body

Polyps: Types, causes and symptoms
Polyps basically mean an extra growth of cells in various parts of the body. It may grow only in certain part of body like nose, cervix, adrenal region etc. Depending on which parts of the body these cell mass grow, they are further classified. These mass of cells that grow in various regions of the body like in colon, nose, and cervix etc. may cause extreme discomfort. They are unwanted mass of cells and may form an obstruction in the body.
Types of polyps
Generally polyp is named after the region it grows in. It usually grows like a projection, but in certain places it may be flat. These are extra masses and may be confused with cancer, but they are generally benign, that is they do not undergo uncontrolled multiplication of cells. Following are the various types commonly observed.
Nasal polyp: These types are those that grow as an overgrowth of mucous membrane in the nasal cavity. They are mainly thought to be result of allergic reactions. If they are found in ethmoid sinus, then they are referred as ethmoidal polyp, and if they are grown in maxillary sinus, then they are called as antrochoanal polyp. The underlying causes of such growths may be associated with other disease like allergic rhinitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and aspirin intolerance etc.
Colon polyp: These are overgrowth of mucosa in colon. It can either be flat or raised. These growths are generally benign that is non-cancerous. Alcohol, smoking, over eating of fatty foods, obesity etc. may also be leading factors of such overgrowths. The common symptoms of these are bleeding through anus, blood in stools, constipation or diarrhea.
Cervical polyp: These are commonly observed in women of age 40 to 50. These are overgrowth in the cervical region. They are characterized by bleeding from anus. This is intermenstrual bleeding. These are finger like projections that hang freely and are fragile in nature. They are generally found in endocervical canal.
These overgrowths can occur in any part of the body. Above mentioned are the most commonly observed ones. They can also be found in rectum, uterus endometrium etc. Polyp is thought to be like a lesion that grows for no useful reason.
Treatment of polyp
It is obvious that there is no one treatment for polyps. It majorly depends on which region these grow and the symptoms that are observed. There are many modern techniques available these days which help to diagnose these lesions easily. Depending on the size of the polyp, the treatment is recommended. If the polyp is big in size, then the only treatment a doctor would prefer is removal of this growth surgically. In order to control or reduce the symptoms, other medications may be prescribed by the doctor. For example, in nasal polyp, nasal congestion may be one of the symptoms and to treat the same, nasal decongestant may be given. If it is due any allergy like allergic rhinitis, then medicines to treat this allergy may also be prescribed. This means that the treatment would greatly vary depending on where the polyps are actually growing.

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Polyps basically mean an extra growth of cells in various parts of the body
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