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SAD – disorder that change with season SAD is a seasonal affective disorder that occurs with seasonal changes

SAD – disorder that change with season
SAD is a seasonal affective disorder that occurs with seasonal changes. With the change in season, the mood keeps on changing. This is mainly caused due to light effect. This is not a mental problem, but however, this is a chronic depression that continues year after year. People keep changing with season. Like during winter many people sleep much or remain depressed. They do not feel like doing anything and stay lonely. Surprisingly the treatment of SAD also varies with season. Thus, summer depression treatment and autumn depression treatment are always different. There are various behavioural therapies that are given to the people who suffer from this problem.
Signs and symptoms
The symptom of SAD varies with season change. The summer and winter depression are the two common seasonal depression that are frequently seen. The depression symptoms are anxiety, not feeling like eating, lack of sleep, feeling restless, not feeling like talking or doing anything. Sometimes you tend to forget things, and there are many incidents where you feel that your life has no meaning and you tend to commit suicide. These are the situations when proper medication is necessary. There are rehabs where such treatments are done with care. If required consult a good psychiatric.
Common home remedies to treat seasonal disorder
There are different ways to overcome the seasonal disorder. The SAD is caused due to tension in both personal and professional lifestyle.
Change your regular food habit. Intake low fat food. Try to use sugar free supplements
You can take some kind of vitamin tablets as they are helpful
Avoid taking coffee or anything that contains caffeine
Change the environment of your house. Take more of fresh air, go for morning walk and of course do exercise on a regular basis.
Yoga and meditation is a useful tool to get rid of seasonal disorder.
Treat with light
Though it may a little sound surprising, however, seasonal disorder is treated with light therapy. There are different types of scientific lamps available that help to recover from seasonal disorder.
Dawn stimulation light therapy is one of the effective therapies.
Bright light or sun light treatment is another way to recover from this disease.
Fluorescent lights are also good for treating this disorder.
There are lamps available with regulator that can be controlled and it gives the light effect that you want. This is effective to treat such patients.
However, if the problem persists go for a complete psychiatric treatment. One more important thing that must be remembered is that the light therapy that is done with the help of a lamp must give white light and the brightness must be good. Due to this light therapy, some common side effects are visible like headache, tanning, and skin rashes. However, these problems are common and it goes away with time. The seasonal disorder can be faced at any age and if not treated it can lead to mental disorder. Mental stress and hard work must be avoided if anyone is suffering from this disease.
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SAD is a seasonal affective disorder that occurs with seasonal changes
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