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  • Joytech aio

    eGo AIO, being all-in-one style, attaches the best anti-leaking structure with 2ml e-juice capacity. It applies childproof systems: pressure twist cap of tank and five-click fire button of power supply. It is simple and convenient in use, but fashionable in look of several mixed colors and indicator light of seven colors. Its simplicity and efficiency make the device quite popular and unique.

  • Itsuwa 1981-TS automatic dripper tank

    Product review by Martin Parker for the Itsuwa 1981-TS automatic dripper tank.

  • Martin Parker’s video review of the Itsuwa Tango

    Check out Martin Parker’s video review of the Itsuwa Tango that we will soon be stocking in store, please keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon.

  • Itsuwa Amigo

    Keep an eye out on the VapeQuest.co.uk website for this product on sale very soon!

  • Malware in Ecigarettes: Do you need to worry?

    How a Reddit rumour became a National News story, how likely is malware in your e-cig, and how to stop it from ever happening Imagine this. Your new e-cig comes in. You immediately plug the battery into your laptop to start charging it. Unknown to you, a small piece of software crawls into your computer, […]

  • BBC – Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Are electronic cigarettes safe?

    This is a great video and worth a watch from the BBC, very informative information regarding the low risks and benefits of switching from real cigarettes to an Electronic one as an effective tool to help you giving up smoking for good.

  • 17 Facts About E-Cigarettes That Might Surprise You

    Check out this great video from BuzzFeed detailing 17 Facts About E-Cigarettes That Might Surprise You!

  • Black Friday Super Savers!

    It’s nearly Black Friday, and from midnight tonight you’ll be able to get hold of three very, very special offers on ECigaretteDirect.co.uk Check this page after midnight tonight to find out how you can save big on your vaping supplies this Black Friday. Black Friday 50% Off Choose from 3 different product ranges and get […]

  • In Depth Review Of V2 Electronic Cigarette

    Refill or Replace?

    Stopping Smoking Only Got Easier

    By utilizing one of those coupons while purchasing your e cigarettes, you will certainly manage to save about 15 %, nevertheless could save essentially counting on the specific voucher you are using. You could not make use of two price cut vouchers at the very same time, which is why you ought to ensure that the promo you are making use of will certainly currently save you a large amount of cash money. When you consistently take advantage of vouchers, you could be startled on simply exactly how much cash money you have in fact conserved by the end of the week.

    Stopping Smoking Only Got Easier

    V2 coupons give you 10 % price cuts on starter kits.

    V2 Cigs easily jell with the novices of electronic cigarettes and vaping by supplying the customers features like straightforward procedures and also simple Cartomizers. The customer pleasant features of V2 Cigs have actually easily made the various other rivals with high market share in the electric cigarette industry to bring up their shoes and V2 Cigs have actually likewise gotten in the melee. If you a novice in making use of electric cigarette and also keen on an item that will certainly offer you better performance and mobility, then V2 will certainly be your front runner amongst the brands readily available in the market.

    True V.2 Vaporizer Cigarette Electonic Cigarette Versus Real Cigarette

    There are significant variations between the electric cigarette and also the common cigarette. Specification cigs have actually been a component of the public for great deals of centuries now. The V.2 Vaporizer Cigarettes and additional electronic ranges have just appear incredibly rather just recently. Conventional cigs have actually definitely been marketed as tools for remainder and comforting the nerves. They have in fact likewise been gone along with by liquor, playing, card resting and such like points. The electric cigarette on the various other hand, has utterly no past.

    The post In Depth Review Of V2 Electronic Cigarette appeared first on E Cig Wars.

  • Diacetyl in Electronic Cigarettes: What you need to know!

    Sitting on Highway 71 in Missouri is a factory producing microwavable popcorn. The factory used a flavour called Diacetyl to produce its popcorn – and, according to one of its employees, Eric Peoples, it did so at three times the usual levels. In the late 1990’s, workers at the factory, including Eric Peoples, began to get ill. Initially […]

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