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CherryVape Derlin Tips  -  Ray Gun  -  Black

CherryVape Derlin Tips - Ray Gun - Black

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CherryVape Derlin Tips - Ray Gun - Black

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NEW! The Universal

Genuine Cherry Vape, made of Black DuPont™ Delrin®

•Versatile: Fits inside most 510/901 atomizers OR over most 306 atomizers.

•Use your favorite colored Pawn or Ming even on a 306; OR use it alone if you like easy wide-mouthed dripping or a wide-mouthed open draw

•With the 306, it will work with an eGo cone or the Empire Drip Shield®

•Heat Buffer: Protects your lips from the heat of steel and aluminum; Reduces heat stress that causes cracking and breakage of acrylic

•Splash Guard: Reduces hot liquid from splashing into your mouth

•Stackable: Stack one on top of the other to cool vapor or make your PV as ridiculously long as you want

The Ray Gun

Available in Black Dupont Delrin, the Ray Gun was designed for the fans of the 801 Atomizer. The Ray Gun was created by Cherry Vape and is made right here in the US. Its patent-pending design features a wide hole for easy dripping and great vapor production.

The Cannon Drip Tip

Available in Black and White (Dupont Delrin--to last) the Cannon is designed for the LR306 Atomizer. This drip tip was created and is manufactured right here in the US by Cherry Vape. The Cannon features a 1.5in long barrel to move the heat away from your lips and a wide muzzle with a funneled opening for easy dripping. Reviewers agree it improves the vaping experience because it's patent-pending design helps vapor flow and provides more vapor. Click here to view the video. Base, atomizer and battery not included.


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