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Dragonfly Signature Series 250ml

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Dragonfly Signature Series 250ml

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Absolem is a succulent mix of your favorite childhood bubblegum with a hint of a refreshing effect that will remind you of those long summer days by the pool

Afternoon delight is a smooth refreshing blend of blueberries and strawberries with a hint of tobacco leaving you calm and relaxed after a long day.

Ambrosia, my sweet valentine who always leaves me with the satisfying taste of the finest champagne.

Aquatic is a bubbly cherry coke tasting flavor that will definitely surpass your guesses and quench your thirst.

Bat Country is a party in your mouth with a blend of exotic flavors that will have you going bat crazy

Big Bird - The succulent mixture of fresh Strawberries and Creamy Banana's blended together with a hint of tangerines on the exhale is surely to cure your sweet tooth!

Brit Kick - Combining the delicious fresh baked flavors of a hot baked Apple Pie just like you're at Grandmas finishing it off with a refreshing hint of Vanilla to accompany the sweet pie you have always dreamt of!

Caramel Macchiato - Take a step into the coffee shop and enjoy this freshly blended Cappuccino topped with the perfect amount of whipped cream and caramel on the top!

Cierra's Dream - A mixture of juicy Watermelons and fresh Blueberry's with a soothing hint of Mint to leave you feeling refreshed!

Darkside Skittles - Take a step onto the dark side of the rainbow and enjoy a mixture of only the best fruits there are, a tropical blast in the face with a nice sour exhale surely to pucker your lips!

Fiji- Dive into the tropics with Fiji, sweet strawberries and melon melting into your mouth, experience the soothing berries on the exhale, rounding this out to be the perfect all day vape.

Fruity Pebbles offers the perfect blend of citrus and berry. Grab a bottle and take a trip back to fonder memories of this delicious cereal.

Haupia is a milky coconut cake, leaving behind a sweet pineapple drizzle dancing across your tongue, this is the perfect Hawaiian treat. (Luau's not included

Mah Mango Get classy with Mah Mango, a crisp mango champagne leaving behind hints of sweet pineapple and berry.

Morning dew is the perfect start to your day, with a sweet coconut berry blend, teasing your taste buds with every draw.

Ninja Melon an apple melon flavor that will kick you taste buds into excitement. This melon will sneak up on you and attack your tastebuds with a fun fruit melody.

Orange Dreamsickle This flavor will take you back to summertime. Running threw sprinklers with a popsicle in your hand. Taking that first bite and tasting the sweet orange and cream and just for a second its not 100 degrees outside its a wonderful world filled with sweet orange and vanilla.

Planet Blue A new planet has been discovered in our universe. The new planet is located right by Pluto and its name is Planet Blue!! This new planet is full of wonder, come sit under the lemon candy trees and watch the blueberry clouds go by.

Rose Ladies grab your diamonds and gentlemen put on your best suit. This flavor will have you feeling like you are on your way to the finest gala of the season. This sweet mixture of strawberries and champagne will leave you feeling sweet and bubbly.

Wildcard Special With the fun and fruity taste of the Strawberry Kiwi on the intake will have you anticipating the next move. Upon exhale the spicy dangerous side of the cinnamon will come out for the win. With this flavor in your hand you’re sure to win the game.

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