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Ecig Multi Adapters  -  Golden  -  510 to 510 (without hole)

Ecig Multi Adapters - Golden - 510 to 510 (without hole)

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Ecig Multi Adapters - Golden - 510 to 510 (without hole)

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An adapter is a small device that can enable atomizer and battery with different threading work together. We have sorted our adapters into four major groups according to their features. And also we name it with certain rules: the first part of the name represents battery while second part represents atomizer. For example, a “510/eGo Battery to 901/808 Atomizer” adapter means it can connect a Joye 510/eGo battery with a 901/808 atomizer.


In the pictures above, the first line is adapters for connecting 510/eGo battery with atomizers of different threading while the second line is for 901/808 battery and different atomizers. And the three adapters in left bottom are for 801/302 battery and atomizers of different threading. The longest two adapters in the right bottom are respectively for Joye stick battery and 501/901 atomizer.

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