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Engraved eGo K 1100mAh Battery  -  K22

Engraved eGo K 1100mAh Battery - K22

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Engraved eGo K 1100mAh Battery - K22

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The engraved eGo K battery is one of the most eye-catching batteries since ecigarette comes into the market, because each eGo K battery is engraved with nice special design. There are 8 kinds of different designs marked from K1 to K8 for your choice.

A fully charged eGo K 1100mah battery can work at 4.2v and support 1200 puffs at most. When the battery power decreases, the battery output voltage will decrease. The battery will stop working at 3.0v. Each battery comes with overcharging protection. The eGo K battery's button has a 5-click On/Off lock. Please press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds and activate the battery.


Dragonfly carries Embossed eGo Q 1100mAh Battery and Engraved eGo K 650mAh Battery for you choice.


Shipping weight:51g


Length: 97mm


Output Voltage:3.0-4.2v



Please note:

* The picture is for reference only, subject to our existing products

How to charge?

* Please charge the battery with USB charger for eGo Q & eGo K battery.

* Charging time: 3 hours

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