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Joye eGo - C Atomizer Head Type B (5pc)

Joye eGo - C Atomizer Head Type B (5pc)

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Joye eGo - C Atomizer Head Type B (5pc)

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The Tank Atomizer head (Type A) is specially used with eGo C Atomizer base and cover (Type A) to make the lastest changeable system. If an eGo C atomizer does not work, you do not need to replace the whole atomizer. Just replace the atomizer head. Same great vapor as eGo T atomizer. Dragonfly carries Joye eGo-C Atomizer Heads (Type B) for your choice.

Brand: Joyetech



Resistance: Regular Resistance 2.2ohm / Low Resistance 1.8ohm

How to Replace Atomizer Head?

* Remove eGo-C Tank atomizer from atomizer cover.

* Unscrew the eGo-C atomizer base

* Take out the old eGo-C atomizer head

* Place a new eGo-C atomizer head on top of Atomizer Base. Make sure it's centered.

* Screw eGo-atomizer cover on to the eGo-C atomizer base.

* Put eGo-C Tank atomizer back in to eGo-C Cover.

Please note:

* The eGo C atomizer heads (Type A) work only with eGo C atomizer body (Type A) and eGo T empty cartridges (Type A) together.

* The eGo C atomizer heads (Type A) will be damaged if they work with eGo T empty cartidges (Type B).

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