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Joye (Upgrade) eGo - C 1000 mAh (Type A) Starter Kit  -   Pink

Joye (Upgrade) eGo - C 1000 mAh (Type A) Starter Kit -  Pink

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Joye (Upgrade) eGo - C 1000 mAh (Type A) Starter Kit -  Pink

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Note:The eGo-T Type A atomizers in this kit only fit eGo-T Type A cartridges.

The Joye eGo-T (eGo Tank System) is the latest innovation from JOYE Tech.  This is our new favorite e-cigarette and I'm sure it will be yours too!

The eGo-T uses a revolutionary ""tank"" cartridge system to hold eJuice instead of a fiber filled cartridge. The cartridge and the atomizer work together to give you amazing vapor production and flavor quality - down to the very last drop. No more hassles with dripping, refilling, or carrying eJuice around. Simple and satisfying.

The 1000 mAh batteries utilize a new battery saving ""5-click"" feature, just click 5 times within 2 seconds to deactivate or reactivate the battery. You can now slide into your pocket or purse with no worries of accidentally draining the battery.

The eGo-T Starter kit does not come with any e-Liquid or pre-filled cartridges so we recomend that you purchase e-Liquid with your kit.

The Joye eGo-T  Starter Kit includes:

2 - Joye eGo-T Type A atomizers (Cone Type)
2 - 3.7V 1000mAh JOYE eGo-T rechargeable batteries (includes the 5 click feature)
1 - AC to USB Adapter
1 - USB eGo-T Battery Charger (do not use with a 510 battery or it will burn it out)
1 - Black Storage Pouch
1 - Instruction Manual
5 - Clear Flat Tipped Blank cartridges
The JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) Tank system is the second generation of the ever popular JOYE eGo electronic cigarette, it uses virtually all the regular JOYE eGo accessories such as batteries, chargers and cases.

The JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) Kit however, has one massive advantage over its first generation cousin in its revoloutionary new fluid feeder system.

The JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) Tank system comprises of a Special JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) atomizer and JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) cartridge, the cartridge has no fluval or other material to hold the fluid, it is as its name suggest a sealed tank unit with a capacity of 1.2ml.
Fill the Tank cartridge with fluid, attach the T-atomizer, screw on the Battery and vape till your fluid runs out.

No more constant dripping or cartridge filling, let the Tank System do this for you, the JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) is exactly what the E.Cig world has been waiting for, we highly recommend this product.

The JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) is probably the best electronic cigarete currently available anywhere in the world; it is the latest in a long line of products from JOYETECH one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

The JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) uses a 1000mAh manual battery, this gives a heavy user at least 6 hours of heavy vaping.

As its name suggest the JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) harnesses great power in both its batteries and atomizers, add to this its revoloutionary JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) cartridge with its 1.2ml capacity and you have the ultimate Electronic vaporising device.
Take a look for yourself not only does the JOYE eGo-T (eGo Tank) perform fantastically it also looks like a million dollars.

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