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Smoktech Omnitester

Smoktech Omnitester

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Smoktech Omnitester

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New Omnitester from Smoktech, you can test the resistance of clearomizers and the voltage of batteries.



1.Two threaded ports on the tester,the left one is for testing the resistance of clearomizer, the right one is for testing the voltage of battery. clearomizers and batteries(510/eGo threading)can be screwed on threaded ports directly, no adapter is needed.


2.Resistance testing, move the button on the omnitester to left side, clearomizer's resistance will show on the screen. Voltage testing, move the button on the omnitester to right side, then press the button on the battery for seconds,batterty's voltage will appear on the screen.


3.Move the button back to the middle, turn off the Omnitester.


One USB cable comes with the omnitester,when charging the light on omnitester will turn red. When fully charged, the light will be off.

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