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Vape 2 Safe

Vape 2 Safe

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Vape 2 Safe

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  1. HD: Trip Current Rating: 6Ampls; Hold Current Rating: 3.5 Amps

Lite: Trip Current Rating: 4 Amps; Hold Current Rating: 2.0 Amps

Disposable: One-time use, fast acting fuse trips at 7.0 Amps

Invented and developed by the trusted trio who brought you the VapeSafe Disposable, (ePipeMods, Artisan Vaping and Cherry Vape), this next generation fuse has been tested and retested using hundreds of batteries for months to ensure your utmost safety.

Lithium ion batteries, used in many e-cig mods as well as flashlights and laptops, while generally described as ""safe,"" have been known to vent hot gasses and in some cases, explode. The most common cause of a venting batteries is a hard short. VapeSafe is a mechanical fuse that shuts down the battery if it senses a hard short, preventing a thermal rundown. It can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry inside your mod that can be damaged in the case of a hard short.

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