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Affiliate Program

Earn 10% on all your referral sales!

You will receive a 10% commission on all sales generated by your referrals. The idea is simple. The more you help us to sell, the more you earn!

How does it work?

Affiliates have two options for promoting our products. Either you can link straight to the order form (best for online stores), or you can link to our home page using a special link that we provide. In either case, through our registration service tracking system, even if the customer doesn't order just then, you will still receive credit for the order say 2 months down the road. Because we've tracked where the customer first heard about our products, we can give credit to you no matter when or where the customer finally decides to buy!

Who can join?

This could be anyone from a hobbyist putting up a link to our home page and wanting a little credit if people buy it, to a magazine site running a hefty review and wanting kickback from the revenue it may generate, to a satisfied customer wanting to spread the word about our product, and seasoned web-designer recommending our software to his clients. The possibilities are really endless.

How to start?

Becoming an Affiliate is quick and much easier than you might think. To get started, simply sign up with Dragonfly eCigs Affiliates. You will then receive all information needed to start advertising our products. 
To sign up, simply login with your Dragonfly eCigs account and sign up:



Should have any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate program, e-mail us and we'll be more than happy to help. In addition we have a common questions and FAQ area HERE.


Feel free to use any material published on this site for your promotional efforts.